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Below are reports produced by The HRE Group of the subject of Historical Railways Estate structures threatened with infilling.

The infilling of Great Musgrave bridge

This document brings together evidence demonstrating significant failures in Highways England's processes around the infilling of a bridge in Cumbria needed for a future connection between two heritage railways.

June 2021: PDF (6.7MB)

The Historical Railways Estate: Securing Its Potential

This document illustrates the potential impact of Highways England's damaging infilling and demolition programme on the development of active travel routes, railway reopenings and extensions to heritage lines.

Issue 1/May 2021: PDF (8.66MB)

About Us

The HRE Group is an alliance of walking, cycling and heritage campaigners, engineers and greenway developers who regard the Historical Railways Estate’s structures to be strategically valuable in the context of building a better future.

Last updated 28 June 2022
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